Joint Ventures and Capital Partners

Capital Partners:

Real estate development and investment is a capital intensive business with inherent risk, requiring a diverse set of skills. Joint venture relationships and capital investors play a key role in Drake's business strategy. Drake has been successful in creating joint venture relationships with lending institutions, land owners, developers and retail clients. Drake believes that a successful joint venture comes from discussing and documenting the project parameters and objectives up front and maintaining open lines of communication at all times. Drake has fostered a great deal of trust with its investors and joint venture partners by executing a consistent and disciplined business strategy.

Little Pub Company

In 2006, Drake made an investment in a local restaurant and bar company called Little Pub Company (“LPC”) which currently operates 26 neighborhood bar and restaurants in the greater Denver area. Drake handles all lease administration, property management, property financing, deal negotiation and construction management.


Fortis Private Bank

In 2010, Drake joined a team of investors to purchase Front Range Bank. Since the acquisition the bank has more than doubled in size, changed its name to Fortis Private Bank, added wealth management and investment services and relocated its headquarters to downtown Denver. The bank is committed to building long term relationships with local businesses. Fortis believes in providing each customer with a high level of service based on their specific need. In addition to Drake's investment in the bank Jon Hauser holds a seat on the executive board.