Finding Sites:

Drake has a vast knowledge of selecting sites and negotiating the various components of a commercial project. Selecting the right location and negotiating the right deal is critical to having a successful development. Selecting the right site requires in-depth market knowledge and an understanding of traffic patterns, demographics, zoning, engineering, shopping trends, political environment, finance. Drake believes this can only be obtained through experience and hard work. Drake takes great pride in its ability to negotiate deals with land sellers, tenants, contractors, consultants, city officials and buyers. Drake has learned to negotiate effectively by having the discipline to conduct detailed due diligence, an understanding of the fundamentals of the deal and incorporating past experiences into the transaction.

Build to Suit Development:

Drake has a tremendous amount of experience in build-to-suit (“BTS”) development for individual retailers. Drake’s BTS program has included fee development, joint ventures, sale lease back and traditional lease transactions. Drake’s success in the client-driven BTS business comes from truly understanding each client’s facility, site parameters and development objectives. Drake then builds its systems to cater to the client’s needs.

Building the Drake Way:

Drake takes a very hands-on approach to entitling and constructing its projects. Enormous value can be created or lost depending on how the entitlements are negotiated and how the plans are designed. Drake has developed systems for managing the consultants needed to develop project documents and the processes required to obtain approvals and permits. The majority of cost overages and time delays during construction can be attributed to poorly developed construction documents and poorly negotiated contracts with the architect and general contractor. Drake uses an interactive web-based platform to control its project documents, competitively bids each project and manages the consultants and contractors through the life of a project.

Current & Past Clients Include: